Economics, Accounting and Distance Ed

Just a short note for people like me who lack discipline and tend to waltz on into things they’re not necessarily prepared to take on.
Distance education ain’t the best option. 

Being in your home location lends itself to a more relaxed approach to things. And when you sign up for something as basic a Diploma of Business Studies, that’s been designed by people who want you to achieve something that may entice you into a degree, you need to consider your timings and approach to the subject.

I ain’t having a whine, I’m just reflecting on the process so far. 

As complex as the subjects I’m studying are and I’m enjoying it, there’s a need to have your shit together. 

Like learning how to use certain software. My past weekend has been consumed with a crash course on using MS Excel, while learning the various accounting equations.

This isn’t my way of doing business. I like organisation. I like structure.

Just some good for thought.

So this has happened.

Dunno if I’ve recorded this here but half way through my two week adventure up at Weipa I got the heads up that a business course I wanted to complete was a happening thing.
I thought I’d missed the opportunity for the first term due to a snafu between the Uni website and QTAC’s suggesting that I’d failed to accept the offer back in December last year.

It was due to kick off in the first week of March, on the 6th to be precise. I flew into Cairns on the evening of the 7th.

Well, the past few weeks have been busy. And as I’m doing my one by distance I’ve had to play catch up with all the admin parts plus get the units sorted as well. 

It’s been a wee while since I’ve tried any serious study. Over a decade to be honest. I’m in headache territory at the moment as while I’m pissed off at the delayed entry I’ve had (one of the units opened two weeks before the start date) but I’ve started getting on top of what required with the weekly tasking.

I’ve delayed two of the units as the work load had performing a 48 hour week initially and that’s something I wouldn’t be able to do if I get back into the work routine again. 

Econ and accounting are the two I’m working on at the moment. Interesting stuff but it’s only an introductory course to the skills base.

 We’ll see how this goes.

Back once again,

To my version of civilisation.

To be quite honest, I was surprised at how happy I was to see the east coast of Australia, on the flight back from Weipa.

It wasn’t the usual FIFO “going home” feel that one may have experience when returning home

Now, I’ve gotta coallate my thoughts on the last two weeks and go meet with my temporary employer and let them know why I’ve withdrawn from the project they assigned me too.

This’ll include a reference or three to the relevant Acts of Parliment (relating to my trade and OH&S) plus a healthy dose of my own experience from my professional background.

Let’s hope it’s constructive.

Something I’ve noticed about myself.

I’m into listening to soundtracks from movies.

I currently have the orchestral score for Baz Luhrmann’s production of The Great Gatsby on high rotation at the moment. 

My co worker, who’s ten years younger than me, finds this endlessly amusing to say the least.

She’s an alternative music type.

The other soundtracks I’ve been hooked on in the past are the ones for the movies Inception and District 9.

I like ’em.

That’s one of my kinds of different.

The wind down.

I’m done with this one. The scenery here is home to me as I’m from up the Gulf way but the project I’m on doesn’t meet my long developed standards of performance.

The saying goes “Prior planning prevents piss poor performance” and what I’ve seen so far on this project has confirmed that cliche nearly every day so far.

This episode has left me disappointed as this project should’ve been an easy one to roll up quickly but the company I’ve been hired too doesn’t seem to have their planning and resourcing capabilities developed to a level that enables them to prevent delays or react to any incurred or potential negative aspects that are inherent to this industry.

We all come across these types in the environments we find our employment in, we’ve all got these experiences. 

No big deal really. That’s life. That’s humans for ya.

You learn how to manage these issues in a professional manner, although I’m embarrassed to say that I was blindsided with this one. 

I’ll learn to ask “those” questions next time before I sign on.

Dusk in the ghetto.

I’m currently enjoying the accomodation at a location called Rocky Point here in Weipa.

I’m here for work.

It’s a little old. And by that I mean it looks like it was built in the 70s. 

It probably was.

It has shared ablutions for the rooms here. And modern construction workers hate that shit. Ya never know what you’re standing in while ya shower.

Happy thoughts ain’t it.

Back up North.

After a near 4 month break from work I’ve decided to dip my toe back into that swamp we call the working life.

I’ve scored a short contract up at Weipa assisting the install teams building communications towers around the bauxite mine here.

I’m here to do the power side of things I’m told.

It shouldn’t be too much of a deal going by the size of the conduits they’ve installed for the underground cabling.

A genset, PV panel array and a small demountable building, to hold the battery banks and control equipment and the associated cables. That’s about it by the looks of things. And some aviation lights on the mast. Can’t forget those. And the antennas and aerials as well.

We’ve got three of these sites to build.

I’ve only been here two days so far and haven’t seen the plans for this project so I’ll take what I’ve picked up so far with a grain of salt. It’s looking like another Kodak moment, as we working kind have named the phenomenon.

As with a few of the projects I’ve taken part of, there’s the usual delays and SNAFUs that happen. The remoteness of these locations adds a multiplier factor to those complications.

Any ways it should all start to frame a picture of things both good and bad by the end of the week.

I hear the fishing’s good here.